CAD – Conformity Assessment Document

All electrical equipment for use in a hazardous area in Australia requires a conformity assessment. This is normally undertaken by a certified testing laboratory and certification agency and a certificate of conformity is provided under the ANZEx or IECEx scheme. For equipment that has been assessed to a foreign certification scheme not recognised in Australia a conformity assessment is to be conducted by a competent body and documented before it can be used. The justification for its use is captured under a Conformity Assessment Document (CAD). The conformity assessment document is a comparison of Australia’s recognised and accepted standards, testing and quality management procedures to that of the overseas certified equipment and creates a detailed report showing if the equipment provides an equivalent or better level of safety than that required by the Australian Standards.

Apart from simple apparatus used within an intrinsically safe circuit, the selection of equipment for use in a hazardous area in Australia, which has a certification that is not in accordance with the IECEx, ANZEx or AUSEx schemes must be restricted to circumstances where suitable equipment is not practically obtainable. The use of such equipment will require an assessment of the equipment by a competent body. This justification is documented as part of a Conformity Assessment document CAD.

Lithium Electrical Specialise in Conformity Assessment of the following certification systems.

  • ATEX
  • FM – Factory Mutual
  • UL –  Underwriters Laboratory
  • CSA – Canadian Standards Association
  • GOST-R

The production of a conformity assessment document should only be undertaken by hazardous area compliance specialists. Contact Lithium Electrical today to discuss the requirements for a conformity assessment (CAD) on your equipment.

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